Monday, July 23, 2012

Popcorn Sight Word Game - FREEBIE

Luke has been getting anxious watching me make preparations for the upcoming year.  He is much more excited about the things I am making for third grade (now that he is in first) than he ever was when I was making 7th grade math things.  Pre-algebra doesn't have the same cuteness factor I suppose. LOL!

Not wanting to leave him out, I printed out these popcorn sight words on yellow card stock and made a fun game to practice his sight words.

We cut them up and put them in a sand bucket because we couldn't find the popcorn container that I had bought last year at Target (it is probably in someone's toy box).  You put the cards in and then take turns pulling them out and reading the word - BUT... if you pull out the POP you have to put all of your cards back in the bucket.  We set a timer on my iphone to determine the winner.  He loved it!

I had forgotten that I had made this game awhile ago hoping to play it with him, but I was glad I found it because now my wheels are spinning with ways that I could change it up for third graders. 

* Multiplication
*Addition/Subtraction Review

Any other thoughts or ideas?

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