Sunday, July 1, 2012

New School...New Room...New Grade... New Decorations!

One of the things that really excites me about moving to elementary is the chance to be creative in decorating my classroom.  The chance to use a theme!  I was always afraid of really decorating my middle school room, and let me just tell you, it was a little bland.

Oh yeah, and the accordion sliding thing really gave me a lot to work with, let me tell you!  NOT!  I did make some feeble attempts to jazz things up with fun math posters like this:

But... really... my room was a bore.  So... this time it will be different, but I wanted to keep with some of the things that I had already purchased which were mostly green and blue because our school colors at my middle school were you guessed it- green and blue.  I wanted to tie something in to match these:

and of course this (my super romantic Valentine's Gift from hubby who totally gets his wife's sick obsession perfectly healthy concern for keeping things organized).

So... I was super excited to find the super amazing dots on black apple theme from Creative Teaching Press!  I think it will tie everything together beautifully, and is just tweeny enough to be cool for my third or fourth grade kiddos. 

Luckily hubs agreed (he's cool like that I told you!) and I ordered the set and it should be here by next week.

I even found this fabric from JoAnns that matches perfectly.  I can't wait to see how my classroom comes together!

The one thing that I have to keep in mind, how do you make sure that your cutsey decorating doesn't take away from the purpose of your teaching?  Any suggestions?

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  1. I know what you mean about decorating and remembering your purpose for teaching. I have played all summer with the decorating because it's fun and you do spend alot of time in your classroom. Now it's time to focus on curriculum and students. Good luck on your new year ahead. I think a new year in any grade is challenging and a bit stressful, but your room will make you feel happy right:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. Love your theme! And your blog! Now I'm YOUR newest follower! :)

  3. How exciting! I bet having a bright, colorful classroom makes teaching more enjoyable.

  4. Kelly - I'm also switching from a middle school to an elementary school this year, so I relate to not really feeling like you can decorate. It's fun to finally be able to have a "theme". I'll be following you this school year. Also - I have that same rotating desk organizer - LOVE it!

    Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files


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