Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Top 5 Teacher Must Haves - Linky Party

I'm linking up with Kelley, from Teacher Idea Factory and Rachelle, from Life is Sweet...In Kindergarten. They are both having linky parties, where everyone can showcase some of the resources we have that we simply cannot do without.

Here are my current Top 5 School Resources
 I Can't Live Without...
My Staples Desk Apprentice - my hubby bought me for Valentine's Day because he knows that I am an office supply addict!  You can fit so much into this baby!

I love my Mr. Sketch markers. Here's why: They are great for making anchor charts and even the most reluctant of students is willing to add a comment or an answer when you bribe them with the smelly markers.  Even my 7th graders would jump at the chance to solve a problem if I let them use these markers!

Staples #2 Magnetic Bulldog ClipsThese bulldog clips are an absolute must for keeping current anchor charts on the board!  I think I have a zillion of these because I was always losing them around my classroom.  A few of my students bought me some for Christmas because they could feel my pain :) Love these!

Scotch Thermal Laminator 15.5 Inches x 6.75 Inches x 3.75 Inches, 2 Roller System (TL901)My Scotch laminator and I have become best friends this summer as I am laminating mad with all of the decorations and games I am making from my blog stalking and Pinterest addictions.  My only peeve - my Wal-Mart in town has been sold out of the sleeves for the past two weeks and I am seriously worried that I might run out before my laminating spree is over :(  And even though I have promised hubby that I am done with most of my back to school shopping, I may have to sneak a few boxes in tomorrow when we go into town.

SOLD OUT! Teacher Special (Buy 3 for only $17.99 each)My pencil sharpener!  I think I've mentioned before that I HATE the sound of the pencil sharpener - so this was a life saver!  It is so quiet I think I might let them sharpen all day long (well, not really).  I was given a free one to review - (GIVEAWAY coming up - hint, hint) and I LOVE it!  I am thinking about buying a few for my teacher friends for Christmas (shhh!) - so worth it though!

What products and resources can you not live without? 
Come and link up, too!  I can't wait to see your ideas!


  1. Hooray! Thank you so much for taking the time to link up with us. That pencil sharpener is on my list (I saw that hint so maybe I'll hold off a bit . . . hehehe).

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. I LOVE my smelly markers. They don't bleed through the chart paper and smell yummy. I also love my laminating machine. Your blog is very cute. I love the color. I have awarded you a blog award. Come on by to pick it up.

  3. I love that desk apprentice!

  4. I'd love to know more about the little laminator you listed. Is it worth it? Does it do a good job laminating little things? What kind of laminating film do you use? Anything you know now that you wish you knew before buying it? How did you find out about it? Lots of questions....but lots of interest :) Thanks!

  5. Absolutely love the smelly markers too I am nominating you for a blog award. Come over to my blog to check it out!



  6. Oh Yeah! A laminator is definitely a must! I am a new follower. I'd like to pass along an award to you. Hop on over to my blog to claim it!

    Mrs. B's Nook


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