Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Daily 5 Book Study Chapter 6 -My Notes

I am participating in the book study at  We Read, We Blog, We Teach.

Chapter 6 Work on Writing and Word Work

During the Work on Writing session, students work individually or with a partner on the writing of their choice.

When introducing the Work on Writing component, the Sisters suggest teaching a mini-lesson in which you model what the students should do when they get to a word that they do not know how to spell.  This is so important so that you are able to meet with small groups or conference with students without a line of students interrupting to ask how to spell a word. I also plan on having a frequently asked word box for the students to refer to as well, and I will introduce this box during this first lesson as well.

Word Work is an area that I would like to get better at.  When I did the Daily 5 as a student teacher, my lead teacher was using Words Their Way to teach spelling.  When we tested the students they ended up being divided into four different spelling groups which was quite difficult to keep up with.  I am thinking about using the approach suggested by Beth Newingham instead.  I will post later to show you what that will look like in my classroom as I finish it up!

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  1. Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for the Liebster Award!! I just got my Daily 5 and Cafe books on Sat. I am so excited to implement this when school starts back.
    Ms Jones Junction


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