Sunday, December 23, 2012

Multiplication Posters

I was inspired by this poster from GingerSnaps to create the posters below to use with my class to help remember those pesky math facts.  Sometimes students need a new way to learn and music chants may help them remember. Another teacher I knew used to have her students chant the factors as they got into line, I created these posters to help my students remember them as they get into line.  We practiced each one whole group, and then I posted them one by one. 

Now I say, "Please quickly get in line counting by sevens (or whichever one I want them to practice). 
I printed out copies for my students to keep in their math binders as well.

One of my students looking at a poster

Factors of 4 - yes we made a boo boo :)
I haven't finished the other posters yet - will have to do that after break and I will post them when they are made. 

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