Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Multiplication Drop Friday Freebie

I am always on the hunt for ways for my third graders to practice their multiplication facts!  This was something I came up with that is a twist on an idea I have seen multiple places before.

You have your students drop two Christmas mints onto the gameboard.  They say the math fact that corresponds.  For example, in this picture the mints landed on 6 and 3, so the student would say  6 X 3 = 18.

I have two game boards to allow differentiation.  One board goes up to 10 and the other only goes up to 6.  I didn't write multiplication on it, so it can be easily adapted for younger students as an addition game.  We played the game with our first grade book buddies and they loved it!

We played this game in class, but it would also be a fun activity to send home in a Christmas break packet to play at home.

Here is the link to this fun freebie.

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