Monday, December 31, 2012

My Holiday Break Writing Prompt and Freebie

I don't know about you, but I am spending my "vacation" planning for the next few weeks. Ah,,, the glorious life of a teacher! LOL! I know you are all planning too, so I figured I would share this great little find from Fun in K/1.

I have a few kiddos in my class who are still having a difficult time mastering writing the elusive paragraph.  This graphic organizer will be perfect for a small group lesson for that group. I know that they will be excited to tell me all about their vacation when we get back, so they should have plenty of inspiration to write about!

I am going to have them fill out the graphic organizer.  I will then give them an opening topic sentence to help scaffold the process.  Maybe something thrillling like, "You won't believe the incredible holiday break I had!" We will then turn the phrases in the graphic organizers into supporting detail sentences. Hopefully they can restate the topic sentence in their own words to close it out.  I will keep you posted with how it goes when we get back to school.

What fun lesson ideas have you been inspired by from other blogs? Do you have any inspiration to share? Leave the link and I will stop by and check it out!

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