Friday, July 13, 2012

The Daily 5 Book Study Chapter 5 - My Notes

I am participating in the book study at  We Read, We Blog, We Teach.

Chapter 5 Read to Someone and Listen to Reading

According to the Sisters, and mountains of research, "reading with someone helps students read independently and grow as readers".

This is the part of Daily 5 that seemed to be the most difficult when I was a student teacher.  It seemed like the students who picked partner reading would often make this choice in order to goof off with a friend.

  I did find this post by Beth Newingham (one of my teaching idols) about Buddy Reading.  She suggests assigning partners and having them  read on their own, and then partner up to ask and answer each other thick questions.  I think this will help with accountability.

For time constraints, I am also hoping to implement buddy reading with a lower level class.  Since I am new to this school and district I haven't planned it yet, but I am friends with one of the first grade teachers, so I am hoping it will work for her as well.

I am planning on using this Read to Someone Coaching Sheet to help the students remember how to coach each other.

According to research, students benefit from listening to fluent readers, either in the form of teacher read alouds, volunteers, or books on tape, CD, or mp3 players. Despite the evidence, it seems that many teachers of older students (third and up) might forgo due to time constraints.

I myself have been tempted not to include this portion, but I realize how important it is especially for struggling readers who may not be able to access grade level texts.

I plan on having the students listen to chapters from the science and social studies text to help incorporate those subjects and to save time.

What are your plans for reading to someone and listening to reading?

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