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The Together Teacher Chapter 11 - Subdue the Backpack Explosion

If your students are anything like mine, you have a few that are, well, organizationally challenged, and when they open their backpacks, there may be an explosion! This chapter in our The Together Teacher book study is devoted to helping your students to become Together Students!  Love that!  Read on to see How to Subdue the Backpack Explosion!

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It is time for another chapter of The Together Teacher in our book study. Today it is time for chapter 11 which is all about getting your students organized.  Our hostess this week is Nicole of Southern Love of Teaching.

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Maia says that she could easily devote an entire book to the topic of keeping kids organized - (ain't that the truth?).  I know that many of my own organizational challenges in my classroom comes from the collections of student learning (and not learning for that matter - you know, the notes, the pictures they draw, the little trinkets and toys they bring in). Paper lives on my desk, on their tables, in their book boxes, behind the furniture, in the hallways, busting out of their binders, it is everywhere!  Thank goodness this chapter gives us hints for getting it under control!

Contain Student Papers

Set Clear Expectations for Desks and Lockers

Maia suggests starting the year with a diagram of what student desks should look like.  In my classroom I have tables and students keep their things in book bins.  I have explained what should go in them (binders, writer's notebook, unfinished work folder) and what things should not (toys, garbage, returned work).

Avoid the Overstuffed Binder

Teach your students how to use their binders by giving explicit directions of what should be kept in them and where those things should go.

Past and Present Student Work

Students love having their work on display, but you want to make sure it is current and not just a dust collector. Maia gives several examples for displaying work including:

*Using sheet protectors to easily change out work,
* Creating a clothesline with clips strung across the room
* Dedicating a board outside the classroom for displaying work.

How do you keep your students organized?  Link up below to share your thoughts on this chapter.  Don't forget to head over to our giveaway page to enter our current giveaway!

Next week Amy of The Core of Grade Four will be our hostess!

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