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The Together Teacher Chapter 6 - A Week's Worth of Readiness

This week, Sara from 
dare to be different-teach
 is hosting chapter 6 from The Together Teacher which is all about creating routines and planning.  If you have missed my previous posts from this book study you can find them below:

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Chapter 6

This chapter is all about your weekly or daily worksheet. This is a tool that allows you to create a clear view of your week or day, allowing you to plan ahead, get stuff done, and capture incoming work.  Maia emphasizes in this chapter that the process is more important than the product.  Just as in previous chapters, she says it doesn't matter whether you are a digital person or a paper person, as long as your system works for you.  The tool of your choice should allow you to:

* Plan the week or day in advance by mapping out how you will spend your time
* Look ahead at what is coming up
* Do the work by ensuring that it is clearly organized
* Capture incoming to-dos and thoughts

The Together Teacher Website features templates for both Daily or Weekly Worksheets.  You have to register to access them, but registration is free. Maia suggests using only one of the two, not both.  The Daily worksheet is for people who like more space.

I use a daily worksheet myself, but I use this one from Andrea Dekker.

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Next week's host is Sarah from
Kovescence of the Mind
If you are following along with our book study, share your link below!

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