Friday, October 17, 2014

Five for Friday - October 17, 2014

After a VERY long week, today is finally Friday!  I truthfully could not be any happier!  It seems like a great time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Although it was a long week, we had quite a few successes.  I am SO PROUD of this kiddo!

At the beginning of the year when we started Writer's Workshop he HATED writing and only wrote a sentence or two at a time.  Now he's writing like a mad man!

He's proud of himself too!

Look at that smile!  Amazing what the power of choice can do for a writer!

He's letting me know that he wrote 2 chapters!
I am also super proud of our first "belt" winner for our Kicking It Math.  It's the system I use in my classroom for my students to master their math facts.  They LOVE it!

We also had a blast building roller coasters with our STEM kit we received from Donors Choose.

My "other job" is as a city councilman, and in honor of National Boss Day, our City Attorney sent these beautiful flowers to my school yesterday.

It was a great surprise, especially after a morning of spilled Starbucks (all over my desk and papers - grrr!) and a long collaboration meeting.


Last but not least, Tales From A Very Busy Teacher has recently gotten a makeover and is celebrating her new blog design with a giveaway!  I have donated a winner's choice item and there are tons of other prizes to win as well!  Head over to enter!


  1. Building roller coasters sounds like so much fun! Some of your students had some great success this week. Isn't that one of the best feelings to see them grow. For me it is one of the best parts of teaching.

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Love seeing kids succeed! So great!!
    A Burst of First

  3. It has been a week of flowers for many bloggers. When a writer writes at long last it is happy dance worthy.Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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