Friday, October 4, 2013

Five For Friday

I missed last Friday because I was so sick, but I'm feeling better, so time to link up for 5 for Friday from Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Five random things from this week:
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This week has been absolutely crazy busy!  We started the weekend with a little baseball. Tyler was playing catcher here:
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Then we did a little shopping at Build a Bear Workshop.
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Which was a little safer than the shopping we did at the pet store - ( I really need to learn to say the word no).  As I had mentioned previously - Cody had a snake that escaped his cage, and after tearing apart and putting back together the house several times, we have not been able to find him, so we got him a replacement. This one is a little bigger, and hopefully not able to sneak out of the cage.
But... we also got new pets for Tyler and Luke while we were there.  Can I use the excuse that I was medicated (I've been taking medicine for bronchitis)?
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This week at school we were lucky enough to have a mom of one of the students come in and teach us origami.  The kids LOVED it!  She will be coming once a month and we can't wait to learn more!
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And last but not least, this week we have awards assemblies at our school and Luke was honored with the Citizenship award for his class.
A good citizen deserves a bearded dragon right?
Thanks to Jen at Hello Literacy for making these fun number buttons! You can grab your set of numbers here!

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  1. You are SO brave! I do not allow creepy crawly things in my exceptions, and thank the Lord my husband agrees. My son wants to move in with you now! hahahaha

    Teach on a Limb


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