Sunday, October 20, 2013

White Tomatoes? Reading Bunnicula

We have been reading Bunnicula as a whole class.  I bought a class set for $24 when they were on sale for $1 in the Scholastic catalog.  I usually buy a small group set of the dollar books, but I thought it would be fun to read a book as a whole class. So far, the class is in complete agreement!
              Waiting patiently for me to hand out the books.
We have been reading together at the carpet - each student holding a book and me reading out loud.  Occasionally I will stop and ask them a question and they turn and talk with their neighbors.
We will be working on reading partnerships as well.
Anyway... the white tomato part of this post:
I have a parent helper that comes in every week to help me stuff our weekly folders.  She was in when we were reading the part about the white tomato in the book.  The next day she brought in some tomatoes to share and some of the tomatoes were white! It really challenged our thinking and predictions about whether or not Bunnicula is really a vampire or not!

                                                                     Organizing the produce :)

After checking out the tomatoes we did a little research on-line about what makes tomatoes white.  We wrote down a few details we learned along with some reasons why we think Bunnicula is or is not a vampire.  The majority of the students have decided he is a vampire.
I am loving using a whole class novel - it is really pushing the thinking of some of my lower readers.
Have you read Bunnicula?  Do you read whole class novels?

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