Monday, October 7, 2013

What Do You Want Your Teacher To Notice? Reflecting on September With a Freebie!

I absolutely LOVE Pernille Ripp!  She is one of my teaching heroes that I have been following on Twitter FOREVER.  I always get the greatest ideas and inspirations from her, and this one was no exception.  I read this blog post of hers entitled - What Do You Wish I Would Notice - this weekend and I knew I had to ask my kiddos the same question. I was nervous to be sure, but I was not disappointed with their responses:

This student was so honest about their behavior this month I really had to chuckle as I read it.

This one had some advice for me on dealing with bad behavior in the classroom.
This one wanted me to set harder goals - I love it!

I had told my students that my own goal was to be better prepared - I am constantly stopping lessons to find my white board markers or materials because I set them down somewhere.  This student obviously agrees with me.
These two were from the same student who has been acting up lately, which is not like her at all - I had no idea she needed a seat change, so that was definitely in order and an easy fix.
This was such a great way to get the students to reflect about their own work habits, but it really gave me a few ideas of ways I could also improve my teaching.

I have decided to have my students reflect each month, and have made a packet of reflection pages which I have made as a Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie For you! You can download it here.


  1. Love the freebie - thank you this is such a great idea! I've done similar things as term reflections, but I think a monthly idea is great, as things (like seating arrangement issues) may pop up more frequently than at the end of each term!

    Love to Learn


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