Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Currently

Wow!  October already!  And... I am super late for the party, but I can't miss Farley's fabulous Currently!  So here it is..

Our district has set aside monthly collaboration time for teachers at different schools to get together to share ideas for teaching our common units.  Each month a different teacher from each grade goes and brings back what they learn.  This month is my month, so I will be going today.  I always hate having a sub because it is more work.  I also have a challenging class, so I usually come back to bad notes :(  But.. on the bright side, I am excited to work with teachers that I don't normally see on a day to day basis.

I have been sick for most of September and I am just over it!  I am on day 8 of the antibiotics and just starting to feel a slight improvement.  I just want the sickies to go away!

As my treat for you I have a problem solving freebie for you to download over at TpT!



  1. Love the idea of visiting and planning with other teachers--but understand the love/hate of getting a sub.

  2. I do not like being sick! And for MONTHS at a time?!? I feel for you! Have fun collaborating! Hopefully you get time this weekend for some R&R!

  3. I wish our district encouraged more collaboration across schools but sub coverage is a budget issue. I agree that it is difficult to leave sub plans though....its always WAY more work! Glad I found your is overflowing with great stuff! Kate's Science Classroom Cafe


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