Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things I am Pinterested in This Week - April 12, 2014

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a Pinterest addict.  It has been 11 seconds since my last pin.

Seriously, I could spend days and days on Pinterest.  Here are a few things I have pinned this week:

Fraction Easter Egg Hunt {Converting Improper and Mixed Fr

Math Station~  Write a problem on each egg and students place it in the correct section of the carton.

We will also be playing this game, but I will be adapting it to division and multiplication.

Students Monitoring Their Own Learning

We use Marzano scales at our school, and I think this anchor chart looks great!

35 easy DIY gift ideas that people actually want

I am thinking something like this would make a great end of year school present for the boys' teachers.
I am thinking these shoes will definitely be on my Fall purchase list for next school year!

If you would like to see more things I am pinning, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!

What are you pinning this week?  Leave me a link to your boards and I will follow you!


  1. I have tried on those shoes and they are super comfortable. It's just a matter fo looking past the price tag! They have so many super fun styles and colors!
    I have that Starbucks cup and I LOVE it just as much as I love my Tervis Tumblers. I have started quite a collection of the tumblers to carry my water to school!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Love the shoes....I am on the lookout for a nice comfortable pair myself....I better start saving up! I know what you mean about pinterest! I can get on there and the next thing I know....hours have gone by. I really have to monitor myself when I'm on there. There are just so many cool things to find there. Kristi
    Teaching Little Miracles


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