Friday, April 25, 2014

5 For Friday April 25

I have been on Spring Break this week and it has been heavenly!  Even though we stayed in town, I needed the break and it has been very relaxing and refreshing! I am linking up with DoodleBugs Teaching for Five for Friday to share with you what I've been up to.

I got to celebrate my oldest son's 21st birthday this week!  Time goes by way too fast!

Photo: Enjoying lunch with my oldest son on his 21st birthday!  Time flies too fast!

I got to watch Tyler play baseball to start off the weekend.
Photo: Baseball time! #baseballmom

They didn't win, but he made some great plays!

I received this text from one of my other sons, Cody (the 11 year old).
(If you can't tell, there is a snake around his neck - YIKES!).

He really milked it.

(When all else fails - enlist the help of the younger cute brother).

And despite my misgivings due to the incident with the last snake (who escaped and was found outside by the neighbor's dog - not a happy ending). I gave in and he and dad came home with...

I'm not sure if she has a name yet.  I have not been brave enough to hold her yet, but I have pet her.  ACK! The life of being a mom to all boys!

I managed to work on some Teachers Pay Teachers products.

Kicking It Math Multiplication and Division Fact Fluency P

I bundled my Multiplication and Division Kicking It Math Fact Programs to save you a little money when you purchase both.

If you teach a younger grade, I also bundled the addition and subtraction version here.

Monster Multiplication Scoot - Area Model

This is a fun little product using clip art from the fabulous Krista Wallden (I seriously have an addiction - lol!).  It is a Scoot game focusing on using the area model to multiply one digit by 3 digit numbers.  Something my students can always use practice with!

This one was a Flash Freebie this morning.  I announced it to my followers on Facebook and Instagram (my user name is applefortheteach).  If you aren't already following me, be sure to do so as I have a few more Flash Freebies planned for this weekend and beyond :).  Just a little thank you for following!

If you missed the freebie - you can still grab it on sale this weekend here.

I was also happy when an Amazon box showed up this week with some new reading material for  me!  Am I the only one who gets super excited to see the boxes, but then rushes to throw them away so hubby doesn't see them?

The 100 minutes book is for a book study I am doing in May -

Thinking of Teaching
 if you haven't already entered to win this book for the book study head over here to enter!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'd draw the line at snakes. Ew. I hope my girls don't want one!


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