Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bundle of Love Fundraiser for Teacher with Stage 4 Cancer

A few weeks ago, Amna from Teach Two Reach mentioned that one of her former colleagues had been recently given the devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer.  I lost one of my closest friends to cancer almost 8 years ago to the day that she posted her news, and I knew I had to help donate to this cause.  We also lost both of my husband's parents to cancer, so I know exactly how devastating it can be both emotionally and financially.  I was not the only teacher to step forward - over 75 amazing generous teachers also donated to the cause.  Amna has painstakingly bundled all of these goodies into 6 bundles priced between $5 and $10.  All of the proceeds will benefit her friend and her family as they battle the biggest fight of their lives.

 TWO Math and Science Bundles for 

One ELA Bundle for grades 3-5

and THREE ELA Bundles for grades K-2. 

You can find all of these Bundles right here.  Please consider purchasing to not only save yourself some money, but to help a family in need!

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