Saturday, July 13, 2013

To Do (Before The First Day of School) Linky

Sometimes I think I have a bit of adult ADHD - I have a million ideas swirling in my head, then I start on one project and another idea pops in my head.  But... I also love crossing things off to do lists, so, I decided to link up with Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies to keep on track and accountable.  I also find things on other people's list that I forgot which helps a ton!

Classroom D├ęcor:
1. Pack up and move rooms (I am looping to 4th grade with my class)
2. Clean and rearrange furniture in new room
3. Finish New Daily 5 Signs and I-Charts to match new theme
4. Print out and laminate New Daily 5 Signs and I-Charts
5.  Print out and laminate Whole Brain Teaching Signs
6. Create, print out and laminate Scoreboard with new theme
7. Decorate

Lesson Planning/Paperwork:
1. Type up new procedures to teach
2. Labels for Interactive Notebooks
3. Re-do Intro Letter, behavior letter, and Star Homework form
4. Copy morning work for first month
5. Print out library labels
6. Library basket
7. First week lesson plans
8. Finish unit plans for math and ELA
9. Finish unit plans for science and social studies
10. Get Large Paper bags for student supplies
11. Make copies of student supply lists (2 per student - 1 to send home, 1 to keep track)
12. Print, copy, and prep student planners
13. Create, print out, and laminate learning scales for 4th grade
14. Sharpen pencils

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