Thursday, July 25, 2013

Failing to Plan is Planning To Fail - Creating Your Long Term Plans for the School Year

failing to plan is planning to fail
You have probably heard this adage a time or two, but have you ever followed it?  This will be the second year in a row that I am switching grades (last year I switched from 7th grade math to 3rd grade and this year I am moving up to 4th), and I don't want to feel like I don't know where I'm going.  So, I used the curriculum map we have from our school district, and added the things that aren't there (science, social studies, grammar, and writing) to create a set of Long-Term plans for the year.  Even if I don't stick to it 100%, I feel better having a plan to cover everything I need to during the year.
It didn't print out 100% perfectly, but since I' m the one who is using it, I'm ok with that.  If any of you know how to fix it, I'm all ears :)
I have put the plans in the back of my lesson planning notebook for future reference as I start working on individual units.  The front of my lesson plan book is for my weekly plans and monthly calendars where I will list out everything including special events, assemblies, etc.
I will be sharing my complete book in a little bit - I bought the Staples Circa I had my eye on and am working on customizing it to fit for me. 
I have uploaded the Excel version of this document so that you can edit it and use it if you would like - setting it up took forever, so I thought I would save you some time. It is a freebie, and all you have to do to get it is to like my Facebook page here.  It is in the Facebook Fan Freebie tab.
Do you make long term plans?


  1. I do! I actually have a Long Range Plans post drafted. Just waiting for the right time to post...I suppose now is as good a time as any ;o)

    Teach on a Limb

  2. I do...actually wrote a post about it last week. I tend to not print mine but keep them on my computer since they ALWAYS change.

    I hear you on moving around....this will be my 8th year of teaching and I've only taught the same thing in a row once. (For the record, I've had, in order: 4/5 split, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 2nd, 4/5 split and this year 3rd lol)

  3. I did this for the first time this summer in preparation for a new grade, new school, with all new curriculum. I feel much more prepared, so I know I'm going to love having it done. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles


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