Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Delegate Your Grading to Your Students!

I know this idea is far from new since I graded my own papers way back when I was in school, but it was one I had not really used myself, so I thought I would share how it is going.

We were at a grade level collaboration when we were given yet another assessment that we had to administer to our students.  Of course we groaned and complained about one more thing to do when our plates were already overflowing.  One of my team members suggested having the students grade them so that it would take a little off our plates.  Brilliant!  Some of the best ideas are so simple!

I started having my students grade EVERYTHING!  They get instant feedback, and I get a small break!  Win, win.

Here is how it works in my class:

When students finish an assignment, they come to the carpet with the assignment ONLY!  No pencils or pens allowed.  Then I hand out markers to each student to grade with.  Each student keeps their own papers to allow privacy, and for them to focus better on the feedback rather than gloating over how many times they get to mark another student wrong.

Students then mark their papers with just an X on the incorrect answers (to make it easier for me when I double check as I enter scores).  We go over the answers together, which seems to keep the students more engaged as you can see below.

We have been able to get extra practice with fractions as they learn how to come up with the fraction of correct answers over the total problems or points available.

They even leave themselves encouraging messages!  I love that!  Scores actually seem to be improving as they self-monitor their own learning and that makes me even happier!

Do you have your students grade their own work?

Third Grade Daily Math Review - Spiral Math Review for Thi

And just in case you were wondering, the pages they were using came from my 3rd Grade Daily Math Review product.

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