Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day!

I know that you are probably enjoying the day off in honor of Veterans Day, but I just wanted to share some of the activities we did yesterday to celebrate.  You might want to pin some of the ideas for next year's planning, or you may want to cover it later in the week to help your students understand why they had a day off from school today.

I ran across a blog post from Laura at Luv My Kinders this weekend and fell in love with several of the activities she had used.  Even though she teaches kindergarten, I knew I could easily adapt some of the activities for my third graders.

Veterans Day

After seeing her post, I immediately ordered this Veterans Day Flip Book & More set from Lattes and Lunchrooms.  

We started the day with students completing the poll that was included which asked, "Do you know a Veteran?"

They used the adorable heart shaped flags that were included to answer the question.  Each student colored in their square, wrote their name on the line, and posted it to the appropriate column.

The packet comes with some questions to ask your students about the data that would be perfect for kinders or first graders.  I will be spicing it up a bit to challenge my third graders throughout the week.  We will be making graphs using the info and answering questions such as:

* What fraction of our class knows a veteran?
* How many more students know veterans than don't?
* Based on our data, would it be more likely to find a person who knows a veteran or not?

Later that morning we had a veteran visit our classroom.

 He told us about his time in the service (navy) on an aircraft carrier.  He told us that he was a combat veteran having served during times of combat.  He also told us the most important thing that we could say to a veteran was "Thank you!"  The students had a lot of questions for him!

In the afternoon we watched a video that Laura had shared on her blog.  She said it was for older students and fit the bill perfectly for my third graders.

When we finished watching the movie we talked about what character traits Veterans had.  We have been working on character traits during reading, so it was a perfect tie in.  The package came with a heading that said, "Characteristics of a Veteran" that I changed to match our learning objectives.

We ended our Veterans Day learning by making the flip books that came in the set.

As we were putting them together, one of my students asked, "Can we read them?"  

"Of course!"  (Don't you love when they beg to do school work like reading?)

 The text was perfect for them to read independently.  You might need to help younger students.

You could also give these out at the beginning of the day so your early finishers can work on them throughout the day.  I just know with my kiddos that once the opportunity to color comes up, they won't work until their coloring is done.  That is why I gave them out at the end of the day!

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Hope you enjoyed your day off honoring our Veterans! 


  1. So glad these activities worked for you. It looks like they had a great time. I love that you were able to have a veteran visit your room. I may have to try to find someone to come visit us next year. Great idea! Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. HI Kelly!
    So glad that you were able to modify the materials for your kiddos! It looks like they had fun. Thanks so much for sharing and for the shout out! And Laura ^ again so glad you shared too. It makes me happy to see that teachers find my products helpful and I'm always excited to see how others use them in their classrooms. Happy Teaching!

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  3. What a great way to introduce the holiday to the children. Having a veteran as a guest speaker is one great way to let the kids know of the sacrifices those heroes have made for the country. After all, it's only right that the sacrifices of courageous men and women are made known. Thanks for sharing that, Kelly! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils


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