Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1st means Summer Vacation has started (our last day was Friday May 30th) and it is time for Currently with Farley at Oh boy Fourth Grade!

Listening: Luke is obsessed with Song Pop right now.  I am amazed how many songs he knows without help!
Loving: Summer Vacation couldn't come fast enough and I am so glad that it is here! I definitely needed some time to recharge and get a few projects completed.
Thinking: I am switching grades for the 4th time in 4 years!!!!  Even though I taught third grade the year before this one, so much has changed as we are now completely switched over to Common Core and will be taking the Smarter Balanced tests this year. I have sooo much to do to be ready!
Wanting: My boys (who shall remain nameless) broke my ipad screen.  While we were at the movies today I saw an ad for a local company that fixes them.  This is definitely on my wanting list!
Needing: Even though I have a ton of projects on my to do list for my classroom and TpT, I need to make sure to carve out some R&R time this summer.  

Summer Bucket List: 1. The TpT conference in Vegas of course!  I can't wait!  I finally purchased my plane tickets today so now I have everything covered and just have to count down the days.  I have been looking over the conference materials that the speakers have uploaded to TpT and I can't wait to learn!

2. In keeping with the R&R theme we are planning on a family fun trip to the Bay Area.

I'd love to hear what you are Currently doing, so be sure to link up!


  1. I am also thinking about next year already! It seems almost impossible not to. I'm very jealous that you're going to the TpT Vegas conference! By the time I found out about it, I had already made plans to go elsewhere that weekend with the hubs. It was a big bummer. I hope next year I can stay updated so I know about it earlier. Have you been to one before?

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  2. I found your blog through currently. I love some of your ideas. I am so jealous that you are on summer break. In NY we go until late June! I have 17 days left... I'd love to go to Vegas for that conference, but this year I am just a teacher assistant, so it's not possible. Someday!


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