Sunday, January 5, 2014

Should Old Procedures Be Forgot... Reviewing Expectations After the Holiday Break

Last day of the holiday and I can no longer procrastinate any longer - I have to get in the lesson planning mode again unless I want supreme chaos in my classroom tomorrow morning!  Speaking of supreme chaos - after two weeks away from school, I know that I am going to have to remind my kiddos of what our classroom expectations are.   I was absolutely inspired  when I saw this post from The Science Penguin to make my own True or False PowerPoint to review my own classroom expectations during our morning meeting tomorrow.  I will show the students the PowerPoint and have them use either a thumbs up for true or a thumbs down for false (or I might have them show me a T or F in sign language).

We use Whole Brain Teaching in our class, so several of  the slides address the 5 rules.

Well, I'm sure you know what the answer is to that one!  LOL!  I have uploaded a file that you can customize to meet your needs as a FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

What things do you do to review expectations after the holiday?


  1. This is terrific, I've pinned and tweeted you, thanks for being in my sidebar!
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  2. I had a REALLY rough week with my REALLY difficult class, and I am definitely going to use something like this as a reset. Thank you!


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