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Get Organized and Keep It Together With The Arc Planner From Staples - GIVEAWAY!


I have been working on reorganizing my planner for the new year.  I am always trying to simplify and improve the process. I was tired of spending money on planners with pages that I didn't need or couldn't use.  I also wanted more room for things I did need and different pages.  I decided to make my planner myself for the new year. a combination of pre-printed calendars, printables, and some office supplies from Staples.  I decided to use the Arc Planner from Staples. I love that you can add or delete things as you need.  I was tired of spending money on planners with pages that I didn't need or couldn't use.  I love the fact that I can make this planner work for me!

I also bought the punch so that I could add things that I print out as well.  It was a little pricey (but more cost effective than similar systems), but well worth it in my opinion.

 Here is what is in my binder now:


Information Sheet:
When you open up my planner, the first thing that you see is my information sheet.  I took a planner class once, and the instructor said that this is one of the most overlooked but necessary pages in a planner.  If you lose it, how will someone contact you to return it?  I never worried about this before, but after hearing that suggestion, I will never forget to include it! My life is in this planner!

My Daily List

The next page is my Daily List.  I printed this one out from Andrea Dekker because it has space for both my work and home life. I usually keep about one week's worth of these sheets so that I can add items as they come up.  As I finish each task, I highlight it (I don't know why, but the highlighting makes me feel accomplished - don't judge!).  When the day is over I take that day's list out and add any unfinished tasks to the next day's list.

My In/Out Folder -
My In/Out folder is a place to temporarily store papers.  I bought the pocket dividers and used my label maker to label In and Out. When I get a new piece of paper that I can't deal with right away, I place it in my in folder.  When I need to do something with a piece of paper (mail, file, deliver to the office, or make copies) I stick it in my out folder.

My monthly calendars.

I bought monthly labels similar to these ones so that I could label the months for easy access. I only keep four months at a time in my actual planner, the rest are tucked inside a folder in my file cabinet. This helps keep my binder from being too bulky.  That is one reason that I LOVE the arc, because you can add and delete papers to the planner whenever you want or need too because of these handy rings. I also love the fact that they come in various sizes so you can customize your planner to fit YOUR needs.  I opted for the larger rings because I use my planner for my household, school, and blogging and TpT needs.

Behind the calendar, I have five divider tabs for each section of my life basically.

I have them labeled Meals, HouseholdBlogSchool, and TpT.  The beauty of this system is you can label them however you would like to suit your own needs.


In the meals section I keep my weekly meal plan, grocery shopping list, and recipes for the week if needed.  Again, I really love the flexibility the Arc gives me to add and remove sheets.



Because I am a list person, I also printed out these forms from The Confident Mom for keeping my household tidy. I love that she has both the filled in file and a file that you can customize yourself.  I like some of the suggestions she gives, but not everything applies to me (for example, I only have a one-story house, so cleaning the stairs is not something I need to have on my list).

Blog and TpT

At the beginning of this section I have my monthly blog posts at a glance sheet.  I printed this one from Productive Flourishing.  They have a freebie link for each month.

Blog & Store Organizer / Planner for Teachers (Teacherpren
I also have some sheets that I have printed out from this Blog & Store Organizer for Teachers packet I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers from The Clutter-Free Classroom. These are divided accordingly between the Blog and TpT sections of my planner.

I keep just about everything school related in this section from my yearly plan, to our school calendar, to our duty schedule.  I also keep my student's passwords for AR, Study Island, etc. In addition to these items, I have also printed out several printables from The Together Teacher including the Thought Catcher and Meeting Notes. There are also several great articles and ideas for staying organized as a teacher. Even a blog post about the Arc.

Now, that you have made it through this EPIC post, it is time for a


Thanks to the AMAZING people at Staples, you can win an Arc Planner for yourself!  January is a great time to re-evaluate your organizational systems, especially with tax time coming up soon!  Get organized now!

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  1. I was just thinking about making these! I'm not a mom yet so my current very loose system isn't a problem - yet. I'm almost positive my dad has one of their whole punchers too...

  2. I have never seen these before but I love the iead of customization. As far as Staples, I love thier random Washi tapes sales, and I couldn't live without their wide selection of Post It's.

    Rooting for Third Grade

  3. I have to have ink and binders.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all teachers supplies, all times of the year. PENS are a must, a variety of colors and styles, sharpies, ink joy, etc...

  5. It's so hard to find THE perfect planner! I would love to try this!

  6. I started using ARC this fall when I became a Thirty-One consultant....and then I ripped apart and ARC'd my Erin Condren planner. I will never, EVER use another system again. I LOVE ARC and how customizable it is for everything I want and need. I have two now--one for Thirty-One for my parties and one for school. Once my current Moleskine planner runs out, I will make an ARC mini planner for my purse :)

  7. This ARC planner looks wonderful. I checked it on on also.

  8. Looks amazing. Is it durable? Can you open it/close it several times daily or is it something you should only add to when needed?

  9. My Staples wish list item is now this system!

  10. Wow! I would love to own one of these fabulous planners.


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