Saturday, September 15, 2012

Daily 5 Is Underway In Our Class

Daily 5 is underway and going well in our classroom.  We usually manage anywhere from four to six rounds each day.  I use the time to individually conference with students in a CAFE style.  I haven't been able to squeeze in many small groups, but I kind of like it that way being able to give the students individualized attention.  I have three kiddos who are reading at a first grade level, so I meet with them daily.  The rest I meet with anywhere between two and three times per week depending on their needs.

I love seeing the kids engrossed in their books!
Word Work is another favorite in our classroom:
So far I have been able to let them make their own choices, but I have a few squirrely ones who may need more teacher direction, or at least a log like this one. This one was made by Susan at Mrs. Gorbe's Kinderlittles.
How has Daily 5 been going in your classroom?


  1. Hi Kelly,
    It appears you have posted a link to a download for a document that I made (daily 5 log). However, you cut out the copyright that was on there. :(
    I really don't mind you using my work (it was posted on back in 2007 I believe) but would appreciate if you kindly gave me credit or remove it.
    Susan Gorbe

  2. I appoogize for that! I had gotten it (without the copyright) years ago from someone else. I have linked up to your blog, but will add copyright to the link if you email me that info. I am sorry! :)


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