Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Product Giveaways For Back To School

Several of my blogging friends have been super generous and are giving you the chance to win a few of their best selling products!  You can enter as many of the giveaways as you want!  There will be one winner chosen for each giveaway for a total of 4 winners!

I am giving away one of my math journals in your choice of grade level.

I love being able to give my students a model for writing about math that they can easily internalize and use on their own!  These math journals are so much more than a collection of word problems.  The journal prompts included ask students to defend their answers, using the MESS method (Model, Equation, Solve, Sentence).  Students are asked to draw a picture, write the equation, solve the problem, and then write a sentence answering the problem.  Writing about their math thinking helps students to prepare for standardized testing and show a true understanding of the math concepts.  

You can enter to win here:   
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Katie from Resources by Mrs. Roltgen has got you covered if you are teaching Kindergarten this year!  She is giving away her Welcome to Kindergarten - Back To School Kindergarten Activities.

This pack included back-to-school activities that you can use during the first few days of Kindergarten. 

This resource includes tons of activities that will save you tons of prep and planning time during that busy first week!  Included are: 

* No prep printables that cover basic skills (such as cutting gluing, colors, letters, and numbers).

* Three fun mini-books

* First day keepsakes, including a handprint poem, a feelings activity, and a self- portrait

* Quick Assessments 

* First Day of Kindergarten Award

* And more!

You can enter to win here:
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Traci Bender from The Bender Bunch is giving away her Sequencing Mats which are perfect for teaching sequencing skills. 

This is what Traci has to say about them:

"My Sequencing Mats quickly rose to the very top of my best-selling resources within months and are one of my most pinned resources on Pinterest! With almost 400 perfect star ratings now, these mats continue to thrill teachers!  I love that these mats provide students practice with not only sequencing skills, but also with transitional words, following directions, and language skills.  I designed these sequencing mats as a fun way to help my students practice sequencing 4-5 step tasks.

There are a total of 12 mats; 4 which involve 4-step sequencing and 8 which involve 5-step sequencing.    I've included step-by-step sentences on each page to assist those students that need extra support.  Other students may not need the sentences and will be able to sequence the events by simply looking at the pictures.  Sentences also include basic transitional words to assist students.  You might also love my Life Cycle Sequencing Mats and my Sequencing Mats Set 2."

You can enter to win her Sequencing Mats here:  

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Allison from The Literacy Garden is giving away her Identifying Character Traits Lessons and Lists.    This is such a big skill in the Common Core Standards - and I love that she has made this adaptable for grades 1- 4 so you can differentiate as needed!

This is what Alison has to say about them:

"Readers learn about a character through actions and words.  Rarely does an author directly say the character is curious or hardworking. Instead, the reader is actually using the skill of making inferences to figure this out.  For developing readers, identifying character traits can be a challenge.

When I introduce this skill, I like to read aloud a story that has very strong character such as the little wolf in The Wolf Who Cried Boy.

After reading and discussing the story, I ask the children to come up with a few words to describe how the young wolf acted.  Often they suggest sneaky or dishonest.  Then I ask them to explain which actions in the story support this.  It is important that the students don't just choose random words, but rather can give concrete examples to support their conclusion.

To anchor this lesson into our learning, I print a copy of the book's cover and add the character traits words to a bulletin board display.  

It is a great reference for future stories.  We can compare characters, connect similar traits, and the children refer to the spelling of words when they are writing their answers.  Other times, the words we are trying to come up with seem elusive.  That is when I have my students refer to their character traits list.  I've organized 135 character traits in alphabetical order.  The students keep them in their Reading Notebook for handy reference.

In order to provide several opportunities for the students to practice, I wrote several mini-stories.  Each one requires the student to identify a character trait as well as evidence to support that conclusion.

Throughout the year, we continue to identify character traits, expand their vocabulary, and add to our bulletin board."

If you would like to win a copy of this character traits list and mini-lessons, please enter the contest below!
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