Monday, December 1, 2014

Currently - December 2014

Where has this year gone??? It is flying by, and already the last month of the year!  Time to link up with Farley for Currently.  If you don't read her blog, (first of all where have you been??) you must because she is so funny - and she keeps it real!  Love her!  I swear her Currently templates get better each time! 

Listening: One thing about living in a house full of boys is the fact that I rarely get to pick what we watch on tv, which is probably why I have my internet/blogging addiction - LOL!  So tonight is a wrestling night, so that is what is on.

Loving: I am loving the Cyber Monday sale on TpT!  I may have just purchased a thing or two, or maybe 20!  Too bad my wish list is still miles long!  May have to make a return visit tomorrow after I catch up on some feedback! At least I remembered to use the code this time (I have forgotten a time or two!). TPTCYBER if you didn't know!  Have you purchased anything yet?  I may need to add a few more items to my wish list - I have a serious addiction!

Thinking: Even though December is a short month as far as teaching goes, I feel like we have so much to get done in the next few weeks.  Our power was out this morning which did not help matters much, but, what can you do?

Wanting: I am desperately wanting to feel better so I can get everything done that needs to be done this month.  I started feeling sick Thanksgiving morning and was in full blown yuckiness by the evening.  I even ate dinner in my pjs!  Luckily we just had family over because I was not the best hostess! I should have known it was coming because I had 6 kiddos absent the week before - one of those occupational hazards - Colds and flu!

Needing: It's December - enough said, right?

Giving: I am jumping on Farley's bandwagon with the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness!  I will be giving some in my real world life and some here on the blog.  I have several giveaways I am working on this month and a freebie or two up my sleeve, so stay tuned!  Remember to stop by on the 6th for my monthly TpT gift card giveaway!

Don't forget to head over to Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share what you are Currently up to!  If you don't know how to join a linky, I have a tutorial here.


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I found you through the Currently Monthly Link Up. It's my favorite monthly blogging link up to do. I used to watch WWE when I was growing up. The Ultimate Warrior was my favorite. I remember watching it with my grandma during the summer time. I sure hope you feel better soon. I totally understand about the "occupational hazards" of sickies. I had a bunch out with cold this past month. Wishing you the merriest of holidays this season.

    Kindergarten To The Core

  2. Hi there! I, too, found you through the Currently linkup. I hope you feel better soon! It's terrible to be sick during December. On a brighter note, your blog is adorable! Take care and happy holidays.
    One Lucky Teacher

  3. Hi Kelly! I am excited to read your Whole Brain Teaching ideas! This is why I should keep up with blogging more often - such great things to learn.
    ✿ Shari
    Keeping It Fresh in 6th Grade

  4. I hear ya living in a house full of boys. Our TV is usually on sort sort of sporting event Hope that you are feeling better. Have a great holiday season!

    Luv My Kinders


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