Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Using T-Charts To Solve Elapsed Time Problems

My kiddos have been REALLY struggling with elapsed time, and we have finally made a breakthrough thanks to the video below:

The video shows how to use a t-chart to solve elapsed problems and my kiddos loved it! Especially the part where he sings, "Stop in the name of math!" My kids were singing that all day long!

First, we watched the video:

A little close-up:
Then I had the students solve the amount of time we spend in school. We start at 8:30 and are released at 3:15.
Next, I put up two sample problems, and I had the students work in pairs to solve them using t-charts.
I decided to share, because it was so successful!  After partner work, I gave them an additional problem to solve on their own and ALL of them got it right! I just wished I had found this video earlier!
What do you do to teach elapsed time?

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