Thursday, February 14, 2013

Presidential Research Reports

This week we have been hard at work on our Presidential Research Reports.  For this unit our third graders are working on an all school write project of a research paper.  Because Presidents' Day is coming up, I decided to have my kiddos research a president of their choice.  They have really loved working on this, and yesterday was one of those great days when all of the students were happily engaged learning about research techniques.  For most of our morning I really didn't have to do much of anything except help quide some internet searches, "Try looking up quotes by _____ (insert President name) for your quote." and listen to the interesting facts they found, "Mrs. Malloy did you know Barack Obama was born on the same day as me?"  "Mrs. Malloy, did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in the same state that I was?"

The students used both books and the internet to guide their searches.  One of the students found a list of all the presidents and their pictures in the back of our dictionaries.

The only problem with that is when they tried to find out what number President Obama was they decided that our dictionaries were a little old.  Or rather a lot old!  I think these were the dictionaries I used as a third grader!

Definitely time to upgrade some of our resources! 

This week we will be completing our research using graphic organizers I have included in this packet.

Next week we will write the actual essays.

You can find my Presidential Research Reports Product on Teachers Pay Teachers here or Teachers Notebook here.

What are you doing to celebrate Presidents' Day?

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