Friday, February 15, 2013

Multiplication Musical Chairs

I have a very energetic class this year, so anytime I can think of a way to get them up and moving while we are learning they love it! This week we played multiplication musical chairs and it was a big hit!

First, I had them each bring their chair to line up to play musical chairs.  Nobody was left out the first round.

Then I gave them each a marker and an index card and asked them to write down a multiplication problem that they could solve themselves, but they thought might be tricky for other students. 

Then I went around to each student and asked them to show me their card and tell me the answer.

Then it was time to play!  I had the students stand up and put their problem on their chair.  Then I played music while they went around the chairs just like musical chairs. When I stopped the music they had to sit in the closest chair to them.  Since I didn't take any chair out, every student found a seat.  Then I went around and asked them to solve the problems on the chair they were at.  If they missed the question they were out and removed their chair and handed me the problem.  Play continued and I swapped out cards occasionally to make it more challenging.  I gave prizes to the top three winners.  A super fun way to practice our multiplication facts!

This game could be easily adapted to review anything from math facts, to vocabulary, to history.  What ideas do you have for it?


  1. What a wonderful idea - fun, interactive, and engaging! I'll bet your kiddos LOVED it! Definitely going to have to try it with my class.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. They loved it! They have been begging to play everyday now! LOL!


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