Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Using Class Dojo for Remote or Distance Learning

I am mid-way through my second week of this social experiment we are calling Remote or Distance Learning with my students.  I wanted to share how I have been using Class Dojo to handle pretty much EVERYTHING I have needed to do to continue to teach my students while we are all at home.

Why Class Dojo?

When I tried to figure out the best solution for making remote learning work, I realized that I needed to make it as easy as possible for parents.  They are already going through so much right now, they don't need additional software to figure out.  We have been using Class Dojo all year, so the parents ALREADY knew how to use it - learning curve flattened!

The second reason I decided to use Class Dojo, is because it is easy to use from ANY device including a phone.  Many of my students don't have access to their own computers, so this was a BIG consideration!

The last reason I chose Class Dojo for our distance learning is because I could do just about everything I needed to do in order for learning to occur with just this one app!  I can send files, pictures, lessons, and more.  I can also communicate both to the whole class and individually to students.  My students can also upload the work they are doing throughout the day.

So, now that you know my reasons for using Class Dojo for remote learning, here is HOW I am using it!


I use the messages feature to take attendance each day.  I send out a message in the morning reminding parents to check in for the day.  I use a Google spreadsheet to track the check-ins.

I also use the message feature as I have said before to communicate directly to parents.  This is where I let them know what assignments will be due, answer questions they may have about assignments, and more.

You can send also links to different websites you might be using such as Google classroom, YouTube videos, free worksheet sites, etc.

 Class Stories

I share all files on Class Story.  I upload them on my computer right into the story section. (All of my parents are signed up - I just made a fake student account today so I can see their side of the screen - lol).

You simply click on the file icon and upload your file from your computer.  You can also add photos, videos, record yourself, or send event reminders.  For me that would be assignment due dates since we have actual events at the school right now.

I post pictures of the answer keys after students have completed their work so the parents can grade and help me avoid being overwhelmed when we finally return to school.

(This is from my Daily Math Review resource - I currently have this for K - 5th grade).


The portfolios section is my new turn-in box.  Students can post their completed work to their portfolio and I can grade them and give them feedback right there! 

* One little tip:  I have found it easier to approve the assignments in their portfolios on the computer and then to respond on my phone.

Partner Teachers/Collaboration

I have also been able to add my school's ELL teacher and our SPED teacher so that they can also monitor, and work with the students they serve in my classroom. Just click on options and add co-teacher.  You will invite them just like you would your students!

BONUS Tip: Set quiet hours so that parents are not contacting you at all hours of the day.  It is ok if they message you or reply back when they can, but you will only be notified when your office hours are set.  

This situation can be super stressful as it is, you don't need to burn yourself out!

I wanted to share how I have been using Class Dojo in my class for remote or distance learning in case you were still trying to figure out how to handle this crazy situation.  If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment below or message me on my Facebook pageI did a live feed about this post here.

If you would like to read more about how I am teaching remotely, check out this blog post.

And.... before you go, head on over to my giveaway page to enter to win a Teachers pay Teachers gift card!

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  1. Kelly I really appreciate this post. You have given a great deal of information in an easy to understand format. Thank you!


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