Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reasons Why I Love My Class - Valentine's Day in the Classroom Freebie!

I wanted to do a little something special for my class this Valentine's Day, so when one of my friends posted this Valentine Heart Attack post from Skip to My Lou on Facebook, I knew I wanted to adapt it for the classroom. I wanted to share with my students all of the Reasons Why I Love My Class!

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I made a sign that said Reasons Why I Love My Class.  Then I printed a heart template on several pieces of card stock and cut them out.  I wrote various reasons why I love my class including:

They are smart.
They are kind.
They always try their best.

On February 1st, I hung up the Reasons Why I Love My Class sign and the first heart.  Today, I hung up the second heart. 

 My students were racing to the door to read what the new heart said.  

I printed out all of my hearts ahead of time on colored card stock and will be hanging up a new one each day until Valentine's Day as a sort of countdown.  Here are a few of the other hearts:

I have made a freebie for you just in case you wanted to try this project out with your own students.  You can download it here.  

You can start a few days late and add hearts as you go, or put up the whole display on Valentine's Day instead.

If you decide to do this project, I would love to see pictures!  Please email me at or tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Here are a few pictures from other readers:

This display is from 3rd in the City - I LOVE how she displayed in on a clothesline bulletin board!

I love the first reason Ms. Cullia shared with her Pre-K kiddos - "They come in with smiles everyday!"

If you would like to see the other months' projects you can find them here:

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  1. What a great idea that makes kids feel good about themselves and want to come to school to see the latest update!

  2. Have used these in my class, my students really looked forward to reading a new heart on the door. It reinforces that print has meaning for my little preschoolers. Plus I have the added bonus of easy door decor. Thank you. :)

  3. This is a sweet activity. I can see kids waiting for the new one.

  4. Love this idea - going to try to remember this every day for my class this year.


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