Sunday, November 27, 2016

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

If you have a special teacher in your life, or you are a teacher who has a hard time asking for things at Christmas time, this list is for you!  Here are 10 of my favorite teacher-related present ideas.

Teachers do A LOT of printing!  Sometimes we can print at school, but often we print things at home, especially if the items are in color.  That can cost A LOT of money!  My husband bought me an HP Instant-Ink friendly printer last Christmas and it has been amazing!  I have the HP Officejet PRO 8610, but if you just look for a printer with Instant-Ink you will be good to go!  Trust me, the teacher in your life will LOVE you for this purchase!

The only thing teachers may do as much as copying is laminating!  We love to laminate just about anything we possibly can to keep it lasting as long as it possibly can (no small feat when handled by young children).  I have a this Scotch Laminator, and I LOVE it! I love it so much, I actually have 2 - one at home and one at school.  If you buy this for your loved one, don't forget extra laminating pouches!

If your favorite teacher is a reader, they will love The Reading Strategies book by Jennifer Serravallo!  It is my absolute favorite Professional Development book ever!  I even did a book study on this book this summer, which you can find here if you are interested.

 If they already own this book, you might want to pre-order the Writing Strategies book which will be released February 16, 2017.

If you give a teacher Mr. Sketch markers she is going to want to make an anchor chart - lots of anchor charts!  These are the best markers for making anchor charts and for stuffing stockings!

Sharpening pencils can take a LOOONG time!  Any teacher would love the gift of time and an electric pencil sharpener will save her tons of time!

Teachers need to plan out their day!  My absolute favorite planner is the Arc Planner from Staples, because I can customize it to fit my needs.

Whether it's for a morning energizer or an afternoon pick me up, most teachers would love a Starbucks gift card!

Another great gift card option would be from the teacher supply store - Really Good Stuff.  It is aptly named because it has some really good stuff for teachers!

My favorite gift card to receive is one from Teachers pay Teachers!  My 20 year old son has purchased one for me for both of the last two Christmases - he knows his Mama! 

You might want to buy a few items from your favorite teacher's wish-list.  The item in my TpT store that is the most wish-listed is my Kicking It Math Fact Fluency program.  

And, don't forget to get a little something for yourself.  Check out our most current giveaways here for a chance to win a Teachers pay Teachers gift card!


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