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$50 Teachers pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway

Back to School Season is fast approaching!  Get ready by checking out these great resources and entering to win a $50 Teachers pay Teachers gift card!

Back to School Literacy Mystery – The Case if the Pilfered Pencils

(Private Eye CSI Series)

Make your ELA sessions fun and challenging by tasking your students with a literacy mystery to solve. Assigning a case where pencils are chronically going missing at a school will engage your kids to get back into work mode at the beginning of the school year. 
This resource requires your students to:

  • read carefully
  • find evidence
  • draw out key information to build a suspect list
  • answer comprehension questions
  • make inferences
  • discover clues
  • critically think
  • use deductive reasoning skills
  • Easy prep – Print and go!

Assign independently or in detective teams to solve the case. Learn more about this resource here.

Letter A Mystery – The Case of the Alien’s Apples (Free)

  •     Letter recognition (upper case and lower case)
  •     beginning sounds
  •     identifying words that begin with a letter
  •     handwriting
  •     counting
  •     fine motor skills (cutting and pasting activities)
  •     use the videos to help kids learn to read words
Every letter mystery comes with a visual video story hook to begin the activity. Optional short-ending videos are included too.
To get a better idea of how these new mystery resources work for younger students, grab the Letter A packet FREE.

Mrs. Hansen is excited to share these with you. She created monthly printables and centers for the whole month for grades 2 and 3. Each month, there are 10 printables and 4 centers. She uses 2-3 printables and one center a week, some centers can be used multiple times because many include differentiation versions.
August ELA Grade 2 Printables included:
  • Back to School ABC Order
  • Noun Hunt
  • August Acrostic
  • Summer Snapshot
  • Write A Letter
  • Roller Coaster Squiggle
  • Word Search
  • Spelling Errors
  • Ice Cream Scoop
  • Writing A Date

August ELA Grade 2 Centers included:

1.Synonym Pairs: Students use task cards to match synonyms together. There are two differentiation versions.
2.Noun Game Center: Students roll or spin a letter. The students then need to fill out their game card with nouns that start with that letter.
3.Build A Silly Sentence: Students use cards to build a silly sentence.

4.Create A Comic Page: Students use character, setting, and problem cards to create a comic strip.

August Math Printables Grade 3 included:
§Watermelon Crop – Even v. Odd
§Bubble Doubles – Focus on Double #’s
§Watch the Signs – Practice addition & subtraction
§Fact Families – Complete fact family houses
§What is the Pattern? – Recognize and complete the pattern
§Alien Takeover! – Number ordering
§Skip Counting By 3, 4, and 7
§Place Value Houses – Students count place value manipulatives and sort into hundreds, tens, and ones. Then write in standard form.
§Addition Word Problems – Students use addition strategies to solve word problems.
§Triple the Fun Word Problems – Students add three addends for each word problem.
August Math Centers Grade 3 included:
1.Skip Counting: Students use task cards to practice skip counting. There are two differentiation version and can be used separate.
2.More or Less?: Students use a dry erase marker or fill in recording sheet for missing one hundred chart numbers. There are two differentiation version and can be used separate.
3.Place Value Cards: Students match place value cards (standard form, word form, and expanded form)
4.M & M Graphing: Students can use task cards for data matching, create graphs, and ask/answer questions.

Title: 91 Editing and Grammar Worksheets
Watch student eyebrows rise in disbelief, as you fan yourself like Cleopatra with 91 new worksheets. Use these weekly self-directed printables as lesson foundations, diagnosis, or review.
• Worksheets travel nicely between grade levels.
• Includes 35 quick editing quizzes.
• Meets 65-82% of Common Core Writing Literacy Standards for grades 3-7.

This bundle is comprised of three listings:


98...99...100 ah-ah-ah-ahhh. Count your way to easy street with the mighty 100-Download Bundle - review, supplement, enrich.

When used throughout the year, these downloads support 92-100% Common Core Writing and 86-100% Language standards for grades 3-7. Download meets 100% College & Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing, Language, and Speech Presentation for grades 3-7.

·Enough variety for mainstream, special education, and ESL.
·Many images keep search time efficient and productive.
·Works nicely for student absences, sub days, or homework.

Store: Kelly Malloy

Mathfacts made fun!

Motivate your students to learn their math facts with Kicking It! Math – A program for increasing math facts fluency 

Want to get your students excited about learning their multiplication facts? Try this fun karate/martial arts incentive program with your class! I’ve been using this program with my students and have found it to be a very successful and motivating way for my students to learn/memorize their multiplication facts. It only takes about 5-10 minutes a day to incorporate in your math block and your students will be begging to take timed tests each day to pass to the next level and earn their black belt in multiplication!

The program works with brain research and introduces only a few new facts each day. It engages both written and oral practice at school and at home. As students pass levels, they earn new colored “belts” on their way towards earning a black belt.

Daily Math Review Spiral MathReview

In what ways are you helping students to retain math concepts and skills they have been previously taught?

What additional opportunities for instruction are you providing your struggling learners?

I have been using Daily Math Review in my classroom for the past five years, and I have to say that it has had the biggest impact on my math instruction by far!

This resource includes 36 weeks of daily math review for fourth graders. Included in each week are 5 problems for each day Monday - Thursday with a weekly quiz that includes 2 of each problem types for a total of 10 problems.

In addition to the already prepared math review pages, I have also included a fully editable version of the pages in PowerPoint so that you can customize to meet your students' needs.

Now for the Giveaway!!!!

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