Thursday, March 14, 2019

Classroom Management Tips Every Teacher Can Use

As any teacher knows, effective classroom management is the key when it comes to getting your students to learn.  I am always on the lookout for new classroom management techniques, even when we have guest speakers, such as author, Gary Hogg, who came to teach us how to be better writers.  After all, if a person is able to manage 300+ students during an assembly, they must have a few tricks up their sleeve!  here are a few classroom management tips I picked up during his visit that any teacher can use!

1. Use Catch-Phrases and Visual Aids

In addition to teaching the students about writing, Gary also gave them important life lessons about managing distractions, putting effort in your work, and more. As you can see in the picture above, Gary Hogg had posters of a variety of different catch phrases that he used to teach a certain point about behavior and work ethic.   

He would tell the students a story using the catch phrase several times. Each time he said the catch phrase, he gestured towards the poster with that phrase.  The students caught onto these phrases quickly, and began implementing them almost immediately.  

I have been able to use these posters to reinforce the catch phrases in our classroom.  
2. Manage Your Distractions

One of the biggest problems in teaching has got to be distractions!  I know you have been there, in the thick of teaching a lesson when you notice that one of your students is playing with something and not paying attention at all!

Well, Gary Hogg has obviously been there too, because he had a catch phrase a poster for this one!  Manage your Distractions!

The very first thing that he told the students was to put their pencils underneath their notebooks so that they wouldn't be distracted while he was teaching them.  So simple, yet effective!  The students weren't playing with the pencils, or going on ahead before directions were given!  This is definitely an idea that I have kept going in the classroom and it has been a game changer!

He also told them that distractions happen in twos - when you become distracted, you distract someone else.  He said, "It will distract me and it will distract the person next to you."

You can watch this video of Gary telling a story about a student managing their distractions.

3. Playing Your Brave Card

We all have those students who just don't participate in lessons.  Gary had a phrase for that one too!  Play Your Brave Card!

As he went through one of the activities during our writing workshop, he said to the students, "Some of you have not raised your hand, are you playing your brave card?"  Hands immediately shot up!

 Gary Hogg talks about Playing Your Brave Card in this video below.

4. Encourage Students to Do Their Best - Be Amazing, Not Annoying

We all have students who don't put forth their best effort!  It's disheartening to see a student who you know can do amazing things just barely even try.  Gary offered the students this advice:

He told the students, "You are amazing but sometimes you let distractions get a hold of you!"  He told them that sometimes when they did their school work, they didn't put forth all of the effort that they could have. He said, "There is not a teacher on Earth that can make you feel smart, if you do not do the work!"

"Be Impressive, Not Lazy!"  He told them!

Would you use any of these classroom management tips?  Leave a comment below to let me know if you would or if you try any of them!

If you want to find more about Gary Hogg, check out his website and his YouTube page!

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