Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pi Day Fun in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Have you ever thought about celebrating Pi Day on March 14 (3/14)?  Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because that day corresponds with the first three digits of Pi (and is coincidentally the birthday of Albert Einstein).

Although it is traditionally celebrated by many middle school and high school teachers, I have found that my students always have an amazing time learning about Pi even if they can't quite calculate it themselves yet!  Read on to see all of the things we do to celebrate Pi in the Upper Elementary Classroom!

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Wear Pi

One fun thing about holidays is dressing up to celebrate them.  Why should Pi Day be any different?

My students were also able to wear Pi with these awesome temporary Pi Day tattoos.

Math Jokes  

I print out some of the math jokes in this post, " 36 Math Jokes to Get Every Nerd Through Pi Day", and we share them throughout the day.  My students LOVE them, even the cornier jokes! 

I usually give each student a joke and randomly call on them throughout the day to read them out loud to the class.

Pi Day Read Aloud

My favorite read aloud for Pi Day is Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.  

The book is a math themed adventure where the title character, Sir Cumference is changed into a fire breathing dragon, and his son, Radius is on a quest to change him back.  In order to do this, he must solve a riddle where he discovers a math number that is the same for all circles - Pi!

After your read aloud, you can pass out these adorable Pi Day Bookmarks to your students to use in their own books!

Pi Day Bookmarks ~ Color and black and white coloring pages (FREE)

How Many Digits Are in Pi?

My students were so fascinated by this Pi Measuring Tape.  It features the first 400 digits of Pi. They couldn't believe a number could be so long!  

Pi Day Book

We completed these adorable Pi Day books that taught us even more about Pi!

Pi Day Vocabulary

We learned a few Pi related vocabulary words!  

Let Them Eat Pie!    

What Pi Day Celebration would be complete without pie?  We had to end the day with some yummy apple pie!

Do you celebrate Pi Day in your classroom?  I'd love to hear about it!  Leave a comment below!

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