Tuesday, January 1, 2019

An Apple for the Teacher Daily Deal Round-Up

We all know that two things teachers do not have a whole lot of are money and time!  That is why I have put together this list of daily deals teachers will love!  Save time and money!

money saving tips for teachers, An Apple for the Teacher Daily Deal Round Up
This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase using one of my links, which helps to support the blog.  All opinions are my own and I only promote brands and products that I have used myself and truly love.  

An Apple for the Teacher Daily Deal Round Up

List updated 4/5/19

Do you have students with ‘Puppy Minds’? Sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate when we have a million other things on our minds. This book helps kids understand the importance of focusing on the present task and taking control of their own thoughts. On sale on Amazon right now!

One of those schools supplies that always seem to need replacing are markers! Kids wear them out with everyday use (and ahem - let's be real here, leaving the caps off of them). Luckily, Amazon has a great deal on a class set of Crayola markers.

I just replaced my tape dispenser and found a great deal on Amazon!

Jenga is a great for playing classroom review games or for indoor recess!

Yahtzee is another great choice for indoor recess and building math skills!

You can never have TOO MANY Post-It Notes can you? I certainly don't think so! This cabinet pack will keep your supply up for at least a little while!

This pencil sharpener has been hands down my favorite! I am going on two years now with ZERO problems!  It is on sale at Amazon right now, so you might want to grab it while you can!

I absolutely love using Ink Joy pens for grading papers, taking notes during PD, writing to-do lists and so much more! You can grab a great deal on them at Amazon right now.

Foam dice are a great way to use dice in the classroom without all of the noise!

If you have flexible seating in your classroom, you will love these stools!

Check out this amazing price on the pro version of this laminator! I absolutely LOVE mine!

Stock up on divider tabs at a great price! I use these for student binders to help keep my students organized!

My classroom is Harry Potter themed, so of course I am going to love any deal Harry Potter related! You can grab the boxed set of Harry Potter books 1-7 for almost 40% off!

I have these magnetic whiteboard erasers in my classroom and I love them! Because they are magnetic, they stick to the board where I can easily find them!

I love using these folders to display student work or as writing portfolios. Stock up on them now while they are on sale, and don't forget to click the coupon to save even more!

My kids love all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and they are devouring the newest one! You can grab it on sale now at Amazon.

If you are looking for a flash drive for yourself or your students, check out this great deal!

Have you tried these repositionable glue sticks yet? They are perfect for moving pieces around on an anchor chart as you teach mini-lessons. They are also on sale at Amazon right now!

Using Audible books has been one of the best things for my students who struggle reading!  You can grab a FREE audio version of Big Nate: In a Class By Himself with a trial of audible!

Have you been wanting to get a set of Sit Spots, but weren't sure you could afford them?  Amazon has a great deal on them now!

Most classrooms seem to go through glue sticks like water!  Now is a great time to re-stock your supply with this great deal at Amazon!

I love printing using colored card stock, but it can get pricey! Amazon has it marked down right now!

If you are looking for new books for your classroom library, you may want to check out these children's books which are up to 50% off!

Ticonderoga pencils are my favorite, and these My First tri-write ones are great for beginner writers or students who are struggling with proper pencil grip.

I love using Astro Brights paper to brighten up classroom assignments and notes home. You can get a great deal on them at Amazon right now.

These fraction dice are a great way to have students practice operations with fractions! I have my students use them to add fractions, subtract fractions, compare fractions, and more! They are on sale on Amazon now!

Help your young writers with the strategies in From Striving to Thriving Writers: Strategies That Jump-Start Writing - on sale now (clip the coupon to save even more)!

I love using these erasable Frixion pens for writing on calendars and for lesson planning.

I also love my Flair Pens! You can grab a great deal on them now!

My students love the Dog Man book series by Dav Pilkey! There is a new book out and you can grab it for 30% off!

I love using these Post-It Easel Pads for creating anchor charts! You can save over 50% on them over at Amazon right now!

My absolute favorite markers for making anchor charts are Mr. Sketch markers!

Expo markers are an absolute must in the classroom for instruction, student practice, and assessment. Replenish your supply with these great deals!

We go through a lot of highlighters in the classroom. You can snag a great deal on this pack big enough for everyone to share!

Hot Dots are always a hit in my classroom for practicing skills from math facts to reading comprehension. Amazon is having a great deal on them right now.

I love using Flair pens to grade papers, lesson plan, have students revise their writing and more! Check out this great deal on a box of red Flair pens!

My students love using these thin dry erase markers for our Kicking It Math math fact practice. They are also great for re-using worksheets of any kind.

If you like to laminate ALL THE THINGS, like I do, check out this great deal on laminating pouches - almost 40% off!

Did you know that you can save even more on Amazon with coupons?  Check out the newest coupon deals here.

You can save on shipping with a Prime Membership!  Get a free 30-day trial!

Don't forget you can sign up for Swagbucks to earn free gift cards to use on Amazon deals!

Be sure to check out 6 Ways Teachers Can Save Money for even more money saving ideas!

Have you spotted any great deals for teachers?  Leave a comment below if you do!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Amazon is the first place I go when I need books or teacher supplies. Your list is a good one!
    Christine Quimby

  2. Great site and thanks for the giveaways!

  3. Thank you for the heads up on these products. We were able to get "Number the Stars" for FREE!!!! Yay!!! I appreciate your giveaways.

  4. Thanks for these money saving tips and ideas!

  5. Thanks for these money saving tips and ideas!

  6. I love my Flair pens! Your Kick It program is amazing. My students are having so much fun practicing math facts.

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing that! :)


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