Monday, April 2, 2018

$50 Teachers pay Teachers Giveaway!

$50 Teachers pay Teachers Giveaway!

Would you like to win a $50 Teachers pay Teachers gift card?  Some friends of mine and I are giving you the opportunity to not only win a Teachers pay Teachers gift card, but also some fabulous teaching resources!

Spring into April with these fabulous resources!  We have ideas for butterflies, plants, mystery math, mental math, spring clothing lessons, telling time, character traits, end of the year school awards and more!  You have the chance to win the $50 Teachers pay Teachers gift card and ALL of the resources below.

The first resource is from Heart to Heart Teaching and is all about plants! 

Spring Activities: All About Plants | Life Cycle of a Plant | Photosynthesis

Plant Life Cycle
Students will love learning all about plants and the plant life cycle with this hands-on activity pack! In this unit, there are reading passages, comprehension questions, fun activities, vocabulary posters, and a flip book!
Spring Activities: All About Plants | Life Cycle of a Plant | Photosynthesis

Our second resource is all about butterflies! 

Spring Activities: Butterflies | Butterfly Life Cycle | All About Butterflies

Students will love learning all about butterflies this Spring! This fun unit includes:

*Reading passages all about butterflies

*Monarch butterflies
*Comprehension questions
*Life Cycle of a Butterfly
*Parts of a Butterfly

Spring Activities: Butterflies | Butterfly Life Cycle | All About Butterflies

Our next two resources come from Mrs. J's Resource Creations.  They are both fun math mysteries for your students to solve!

(Available in versions for 1st - 6th Grade)
 Engage and motivate your students with this fun Math Mystery. NO PREP, just print and go!  Students will need to answer a variety of math problems that will help them solve who the Bee Bandits are! 

This packet comes with an optional video hook to set the stage to engage before the paper part of the activity. View video here

(Available in versions for 1st - 6th Grade)
Your students will be engaged and motivated by this fun detective story, which also encourages critical thinking as they must reason their way through eliminating litterbug suspects. These NO PREP worksheets are challenging, yet fun to use as part of your regular math sessions, sub-tubs, early finishers, or for enrichment (go a grade level higher to increase difficulty). 

An optional video hook is also provided to set the stage to engage. View the video here

Angie S. has so many amazing resources for special education needs and this one is no exception!

Spring Clothing - Adapted Book for Autism

What Do I Wear in the Spring Interactive Book for early age, pre-K and Special Education students can be used in March, April and May. The resource uses real life pictures that works great with students with autism. 

It is great for learning the spring clothing as well as the body parts they should be used on. You can view a video of this resource here.

Mrs. Hansen's Helpfuls has the provided the next two resources.

Character Trait Cards and PDF Presentation plus Activities
Spring is a time we can start to dive deep into characters. I use these character trait cards to help students recognize different traits for characters in the books they are reading, class read-a-louds, etc. Many times using these cards we even get to debate which trait fits a particular character the best! 

This product has many different activities you can use year round. 

Telling Time with Differentiated Levels

No better time than Spring TIME to work on telling time. This product has many differentiated levels to help your students improve their telling time, elapsed time, adding and subtracting time, and understanding time with missing variables skills. 

The last two items come from yours truly!  

Mental Math - 100 problem cards that encourage your students to solve math problems in their head quickly! 

You can watch a video of this resource in action here: Mental Math Tiles.

You can use these mental math task cards as a math warm up to begin your math lesson, or use as a time filler throughout the day.

Students each have ten digit cards on their desk as you read each card. The students use the digits to keep track of the math tasks they are computing in their head. They love being able to follow along with each task and eventually end up with the correct answer.

I use these cards for whole group, small group, and even partnership lessons.

These mental math problems will increase your students' listening, problem solving, and computation skills. 

In this set of end of year awards you will receive 50 different awards with a boy and girl version for each one (a total of 100 certificates!). I have also included black and white versions of all 100 awards for your printing preference.

This is a zip file that includes a PDF file that you can print and write the student names, as well as a PowerPoint file that you can customize to include the students’ names and even to add a new category that I may have forgotten.

Several of the awards could be used throughout the year as monthly or quarterly awards such as Attendance, Math Wizard, Super Speller, etc.

I love to celebrate my students with end of the year awards! It gives me a chance to recognize their talents and their growth throughout the year! 

Now, to enter to win all of these items AND a $50 Teachers pay Teachers gift card, enter using the Rafflecopter below.

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