Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter Resources for you and a Giveaway Too!

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Looking for some great winter and holiday activities for your students? We have come together to help offer you some fantastic ideas to use! We have STEM, fun math games, puzzling mysteries, sentence practice, winter reading, and more!

Read a great original story about two children who enter into a snow globe adventure! There is a great writing activity that goes along with the story booklet. Create your own snow globe shaped storybook! Different writing templates available.

Who doesn’t love Chris Van Allsburg’s story, Polar Express? This literature unit includes fun activities and an end of the story craft where students build their own story train!

I love to make math fact practice more fun for my students, because let's face it, the more fun something is, the more likely we are to do it right?  One of my favorite ways to practice math facts during the Christmas season is with this Cookies for Santa game!

I put all of the "cookie" pieces in a leftover Christmas cookie tin upside down.  The students pull the cards out and attempt to answer the fact. If they get it correct, they get to keep the card.  If they get it wrong, it goes back into the tin. If they get the dreaded KABOOM card - they have to put all of their cards back.  The winner is the student with the most cards when time is up.

You can play this game with any type of math facts or vocabulary words written on index cards, or you can check out my pre-made math facts ones here.

From Angie S.:

Forming sentences is very important for young learners. This activity uses real-life pictures for easy recognition of common objects and sight words as sentence starters. It is perfect for early readers. This is also an activity to practice identifying the attributes of what, the number, and the color of a group of items. There are 15 groups of winter and Christmas items. The student will match the corresponding picture to answer the questions - What? How Many? 

From Jewel's School Gems:

It can often be a struggle to keep kids engaged during this holiday season. However, things can be easier for you with the right activities that promote learning and engagement. Jewel's Christmas Around the World STEM ChallengeBundle provides hours of engineering fun while making sure your students learn about the Christmas traditions of various countries in the world. Countries included are Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, and Italy. Students can design and build a surfboard for Santa, a Christmas sock for Papai Noel, a foldable ladder for Baba Nöel, a catapult for throwing presents, and a broomstick for Befana. You and your students will surely enjoy these Christmas STEM challenges. Check it out today!

Math Mystery: Case of the Selfish Elf
Uh oh! Which elf is eating all of the delicious cookies made by Mrs. Claus?
Toy production and elf morale are greatly reduced in Santa’s toy factory this year. Students must help Santa figure out who the selfish elf is by using their math skills to discover important clues. Then, your math detectives will be required to apply critical thinking to eliminate elf suspects and narrow it down to one. This activity is a fun way to incorporate math into your Christmas theme and will engage even some of your most reluctant learners. This math mystery activity is available in versions for grades 1 – 6. Choose a level that suits you, or ‘clue swap’ across grades to differentiate this activity with your class (clue swapping is only available using the 2nd- 6th grade versions).
(Individual grade resource links can be found within the video product description section.)

Once upon a Crime ‘Rescue Rudolph’ (Reading Mystery) 
This Christmas Reading Mystery 'Once Upon a Crime - Rescue Rudolph' is a fun way to incorporate a range of ELA skills in one.
Students will be required to read the story and complete activities to discover clues. Each clue requires students to critically think to decide which suspects they can eliminate as being Rudolph's kidnapper.  Everything that you need for this activity is in the download, including the reading passages. Just print, copy for your students and go! Find it here:

Now, time for the giveaway! You can win all of these resources AND a $50 Teachers pay Teachers gift card!

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