Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Take a Photo Walk With Your Students To Fire Up Their Writing

Have you ever been on an Apple Photo Walk? It's a free class offered at Apple stores where an Apple employee guides you through a scenic walk while providing tips and tricks for getting the best photos from your iPhone.

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My sons, Luke and Cody are super into photography and making videos, so they wanted to take the class.  As I took the class along with them - I realized a ton of possibilities for using this in the classroom! Here are a few of my ideas for using this practice for writing.

The Apple Creative met us in the store and gave us a quick run-down of how the photo walk would go.  

She really emphasized telling a story with your pictures.  This got me thinking of how this technique could be used to help your students write a story.

I decided my story for my photos would be this blog post with pictures of my boys telling their own stories.  

The boys had a harder time focusing on their own story as they were taking the pictures, but when they went back and looked through them, they were able to group pictures into themes and had several story ideas.

One of the suggestions she gave us was to find things that looked out of place - like these purple flowers with a burst of random orange color.

Another suggestion was to take pictures at different angles.  Cody was able to take a picture of this rock and make it look like a mountain!

I LOVE his dedication to this shot!  The boys were 100% engaged the whole hour and I know students will be as well when I try this out with my class!

The Photo Walk ended with an editing and share session inside the store.  The boys were able to talk about each picture with story ideas - this verbal story telling is great practice for students before they begin writing as well!

I will share how this activity goes with my class in a later post (as well as a few other ideas that were sparked during our Photo Walk for other subjects)! 

You can sign up for your own Photo Walk here.

They also have Teacher Tuesday classes with several different topics you can sign up for.

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