Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Classroom Newsletter Writing Made Easy

Classroom newsletters can be a great way to keep parents informed about your classroom events and learning activities!  But... if the thought of creating a classroom newsletter makes you a little queasy, I have a few tips to make it easy peasy!

Step 1: Gather Important Dates and Deadlines

Make a list of all important dates in the upcoming month. Think of no school days, early releases, field trips, assemblies, test days, etc.  

Step 2: What Will You Be Teaching/Learning?

What topics will be covered in the upcoming month?  You don't have to write out complete details, but broad descriptions will be helpful. For example you might say "We will be working on place value in math, and character traits in reading."  Be sure to include any ways parents might be able to assist including reading with their child, practicing math facts, spelling words, etc.  If you have a weekly spelling list, you might want to include this as well.

Step 3: Reminders

What things have your students been forgetting, or what do they need to remember?  Ideas here might include: sneakers for PE, lunch money, book order money, picture order forms, etc.

Bonus Tip:

Create newsletter templates at the beginning of the year that can be easily edited and re-used.  This will save you so much time!  I have a set of ready made editable classroom newsletters that you can check out if you would like to save even more time!

Newsletter Templates Editable

Do you have any tips for making classroom newsletter writing easier?  Leave a comment below!

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