Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Class is Eggstraordinary! FREEBIE

The past two months I have decorated my door with reasons why my class is amazing.  My students have absolutely LOVED it, so I have decided to keep the tradition going!

I placed a sign up on my door that said, "My Class is Eggstraordinary".  Then I printed out egg templates on pieces of card stock and cut them out.  In prior months I wrote out various shout-outs for the class as a whole.  This month, I decided to create an egg for each student.  

Every day I added a few more eggs.  I let them know that I would be adding an egg for each of them.  The excitement was high as they checked each day for their egg.

They even made one for me!

I have made a freebie for you just in case you wanted to try this project out with your students.  You can download it here.

Class Shout-Out Freebie My Class is Eggstraordinary

If you do decide to do this project, I would love to see pictures!  Please email me at or tag me on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter!

If you would like to see the other months' projects you can find them here:

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  1. I LOVE that they made you an egg in return. There is proof positive that you are an awesome teacher!

    Reading with Mrs. D


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