Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chalk Drawing Writing Prompts

Sometimes my students have a hard time thinking about what to write about during Writer's Workshop - especially my reluctant writers.  I have found that picture prompts can be helpful to get their writing juices going!  When I found these adorable chalk drawings on Facebook, I knew they would love them too!

I linked up the video to our SeeSaw account so that all of my students could see them.  You could also show them on a Smart Board, or screenshot them to print them out.

My students picked a picture and then started writing!

Can you say engagement to the maximum?  ALL 23 of my students wrote the WHOLE time!  That rarely happens!  They were so proud of their work too!

Would you believe this kid HATES to write?!

I had to share this lesson with you, because I KNOW your students will LOVE it too!

If you are looking for more picture writing prompts, check out my Writing Prompt Pinterest Board here.

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