Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Reveal

I am so excited to be linking up with Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners for #2GETHERWEAREBETTER and our classroom reveals!

This summer I read both Teach Like a Pirate and Learn Like a Pirate, and I was excited to be able to incorporate the ideas in both of them into my class this year.  However, when I saw Stephanie Frosch's (@steph_frosch on twitter) PD for her staff (which was pirate themed), I KNEW I had to incorporate the idea of pirates into my classroom theme as well.

The theme starts right from the outside with this fun little sign that says Pirates Only!
Right next to my door is my Mrs. Malloy sign which Hadar from Miss Kindergarten made for me several years ago.
When you walk into the door, this is the view you see.
Excuse the mess, but we have been in school for two weeks now, so it is looking a bit lived in already.  Real life though, right?
Above my door are the hand signs we use in our classroom. I got these from Clutter-Free Classroom here.
To the right of the door is our clip chart.  These are from Debbi Watson of 3rd Grade Pad.
Then you see our book boxes where the students keep their supplies.  Again, very lived in!
To the other side are our reading ottomans which my class made two years ago.  They have gotten a facelift and have been covered in black to match the theme.  I also painted pirate skulls and cross bones on them.
I have two student computers in my classroom.
Right near my Smart Board are these fun pirate themed touches.
Then we have our pirate buddy.  We have to give him a name soon.
We took photos with him and some fun photo booth props the first week of school. The bulletin board they are standing in front of is my Word Wall for Big Kids.
We have our schedule for the day.  This was part of a pirate classroom decoration set from Crystal Oswald.
And our Whole Brain Teaching Rules and Scoreboard.  I made these myself.
Our Library complete with our class mascot, Buck.
Next up, our ships.
We have a few extra pirate touches around our tables as well.
And... last, but not least, no pirate ship is complete without a parrot.
I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my room!  Be sure to check out the other classrooms in our blog hop, because, 2gether we are better!


  1. Love all the piratey goodness. I'm a huge pirate fan myself. I'll definitely be mentioning this in my periscope later~! Squee. Take care friend
    -Jess aka
    Thanks for showing us so many great details in your classroom! I loved it!

    -Jess aka

    The Whimsical Teacher


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