Saturday, May 2, 2015

Currently May 2015

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by!  We only have this last month of school left (we get out May 29th).  The next few weeks will be a blur though because we have SBAC testing this week, one regular week of school, MAPS testing the following week, and then the last week of school.  I'm just hoping I can survive! LOL!  Now that a new month is upon us, it is also time to link up with Farley for Currently!

Listening: Luke has a buddy spending the night, and they are currently watching YouTube videos on our tv in the living room.

Loving:  If you are following me on Instagram, you may have already seen my two boxes full of books from the book fair! If you are not following me, you may want to because I have gotten together with a group of other bloggers and we are having a special FREEBIE giveaway tomorrow on Instagram.  Don't miss out!

Thinking: As I said before, we have a ton of tests coming up, and I always stress this time of year!

Wanting: Enough said!

Needing: I love my class and teaching, but I am ready for a break!

Summer yes, hope, dream: I am super excited to be going to Vegas again this year for the TpT conference!  I am also attending the differentiated instruction conference from SDE right before.  I hope I can squeeze in a visit with my 19 year old this summer.  He moved to Los Angeles last August, and I haven't seen him since Christmas.  It gets so hot here in the summer, I would love a pool one day!

What are you Currently up to?


  1. I watch YouTube likes it "real" TV. I really like watching make-up tutorials. I went to Vegas last year and it was fabulous! And, hot. You'll have a blast.

  2. Don't you just LOVE the book fair!! I have my bag of books sitting on my shelf at school. I need to get them cataloged before I put them out. A little OCD, I know, but it keeps my mind sane:)

    I am going to Vegas too! I've never been. I'm flying out on Wednesday morning and my husband is going to meet me there on Friday evening so we can explore for the weekend. I am so excited!

    A POOL!!!! That truly is my dream but my husband says no way so I try not to think about it....

    Enjoy the rest of May!

  3. Hope you enjoy your Summer vacay Kelly! I'm counting down to our Winter break (7 weeks, 7 weeks..). Hope you have a great time at the conference :)
    Stars and Wishes


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