Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning About Area and Perimeter- Snowball Style!

I had seen the idea of having a snowball fight to review material around the blogosphere, but when I saw this post from Looking From Third To Fourth who used the idea to review multiplication, something made the wheels in my brain to start spinning and I came up with a fun way to review perimeter and area which is the unit we are currently working on.

I had the students take a piece of paper and fold it in fours and rip them apart.  They wrote numbers from 1 to 10 on each of their papers, and crumpled them.

 On my call they threw all of their snowballs into the center of the classroom.  They again waited for my call to go collect two snowballs each to bring back to their desks.



Then they had to solve for the perimeter and area.  Once everyone had solved, we had another snowball fight returning their two snowballs and retrieving two more.  I had the students each solve 4 problems.

They loved it!

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