Friday, November 30, 2012

Word Of The Day - Friday Freebie

Many of the students in my class this year are struggling with vocabulary.  It is really interfering with their reading comprehension, so I have been trying to come up with as many ways as I can to add any extra vocabulary instruction that I can.  Enter the word of the day!

I was actually inspired by a few of the Rotary members who visited our classroom to give dictionaries to each of the students.

They handed out the dictionaries and told the students that whenever they looked up a word, they should underline it.  Years later they could look back and see all of the words they learned in third grade.  I really liked the idea, and have over the past few weeks, have developed it further.

I started by putting a new vocabulary word on the board each day as our word of the day.  I write the word in black and do not put the definition at first.  I have the students look up the word in their dictionary when they come in during the morning.  The students come up to me and show me the word underlined in their dictionary and tell me the meaning.  I give them a sticker for our sticker economy.

During our morning meeting, we put the definition under the word of the day in red.  Throughout the day when we have transitions, I say either the word of the day or the definition, and they respond with the opposite. 

I have really noticed a difference as they begin using the words in their writing and conversations.  They also get really excited when they see our words in the books they are reading.

Today I thought up an additional enhancement.  I am having the students complete this graphic organizer that lists the word, the dictionary definition, and a place for them to write the meaning in their own words.  I am hoping that it will strengthen the lesson even more.

Freebie Fridays

You can find the template for the word of the day here.

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  1. I popped in to see your blog after seeing your cute blog button on Freebie Friday! I can't believe you also have "practice makes permanent" on your blackboard! I wish I had a picture of my board to show you! I have the exact same quote! Much better than saying "practice makes perfect" because in my classroom we strive for "progress not perfection". Love your blog...I'm your newest follower...come on over and see if there is anything you can use at my blog


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