Monday, October 8, 2012

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Expanding Our Horizons

Our school has been blessed with a grant from the USDA that provides our students fresh fruits and vegetables two days a week.  This week we were given the opportunity to sample starfruit and grapes on Tuesday and Jicama on Thursday.  It has been really fun tasting fruits and vegetables that are unfamiliar to the students (and often the teacher!). We research items that we have never heard of.  It is funny to hear some of the comments that the students make about the various food items and what they taste like!  I am thinking that it could make a great writing assignment!

My son's first grade class uses the snacks as a graphing lesson.  They vote on the fruits and veggies they like the best! 

Here are a few lesson plan ideas for learning about various fruits and vegetables.

How do you incorporate nutrition into your weekly lessons?


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