Giveaway FAQ’s

So you want to join a giveaway?  You've no doubt seen giveaways posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Blogs featuring various giveaways and wondered how in the world they worked, or how you could be involved yourself.  Well, here are you go...

I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to give you a bit more information about my own giveaways.

1. How do these giveaways work?

It's simple.  I organize the giveaway (for example a monthly $75 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway) and get other teacher bloggers and Teachers Pay Teachers sellers to join me.  Each person chips in a portion of the funds needed for the prize and in return their link(s) are added to the entry form.

Once the giveaway is filled, I'll send out the info to all those who signed up so they can get their giveaway posts scheduled.  Every blogger posts the giveaway on their blog and promotes it - which benefits all the participants because in return we get more entrants and more new followers!

2. How much does it cost?

Each giveaway is different.  Sometimes you'll pay per link (so if the rate is $5 per link, you would pay $10 if you wanted one link to your TpT store and one link to your blog), while other giveaways have a set fee and everyone pays the same amount for the same number of links (for example $15 for 5 links).

Some giveaways may be free if they are sponsored by an outside company who wants to sponsor a post.  You may even receive payment for your blog post!  These opportunities will be made available on a case by case basis based on the sponsoring companies needs and requirements.

3. Why should I join a giveaway?

Bloggers join our giveaways to gain new followers, to get more traffic, to get exposure for their blog and TpT store, and because they want to offer fun prizes to their readers that they wouldn't be able to afford on their own.

4. Where does the money go?

The funds collected go towards purchasing the giveaway prize. If there are any extra funds, they go towards giveaway promotion.

5. Do I need to have a blog to participate?

No!  You can link directly to your TpT store, Facebook page, Instagram page, Pinterest, or Twitter.  If you don't have a blog, I do ask that you advertise at least once on social media during the time your giveaway is live.

6. Do I need to participate in every giveaway?

No!  You can pick and choose the giveaways you want to participate in.  The only thing is that you must sign up quickly to insure your spot.  Once a giveaway is closed, no new participants will be allowed in.  But, don't worry! There are always lots of giveaway options for you to join! You can find giveaway opportunities here.

7. What is a blog post giveaway?

This is the only time when you MUST have a blog.  These giveaways will require a blog post to go along with the giveaway.  They might include offering a tip or freebie surrounding a certain topic or season (i.e. Back to School).  These are often required for sponsored posts.

8. Can I invite a friend to participate?

Absolutely!  The more bloggers we have involved in our giveaways, the more exposure we will all get!  We will also be able to offer bigger prizes and get more sponsored opportunities.  If you would like to invite a friend, just have them join the VIP list here.

9. What's a Daily Comment Entry?

A Daily Comment Entry means that you will get your own entry on the Rafflecoptor form asking readers to visit your blog and leave a comment.  Every time they do this, they'll be able to claim bonus daily entries, and you get the extra traffic & comment love.

10. What's a Follow Page?

A follow page is where one blogger hosts all the follows for one specific social media platform on their blog.  For example, if you signed up for a follow page, I might assign you the Instagram follows.  So you would host all the IG links on your follow page (provided by me) and every time that someone enters the giveaway and is asked to follow the Instagram accounts, they would be sent to your blog to complete the entry resulting in more traffic for you.

11. What's a Backlink?

A backlink means that you'll be listed on the giveaway post which will be posted by every participating blogger/seller.  It's a way to gain more exposure for your blog or store.

12. What's a Co-Host?

Co-hosts are bloggers who pay a little extra for some cool perks in each giveaway.  They will vary, but can include some of the following: a follow page, a daily comment entry, bonus entries, pin this entries, backlinks and more.

13. How is the winner selected?

Prize winners are all chosen randomly through Rafflecoptor and given 48 hours to respond.  Once they have confirmed their win, their name is displayed on the Rafflecoptor form.  I will also send the winner's email address to each participant if you would like to offer them a free product from your store.

14. How do I sign up?

Head over to the Giveaway Page to see the current giveaway opportunities and click on the links to the sign-up sheets for the giveaways you would like to participate in.

Have another question?  Feel free to email me at

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